The accumulation of years of development expertise in core production technology

Suzuki, Heck and Sonogashire Couplings
Chiral Heterocyclic Transformations
Protections of Amino Acids and their Derivatives (Fmoc-, Boc-) 
Liquid Phase Peptide Synthesis
Freidel-Crafts Acylation and Alkylation 
Thiophosgenation and Phosgenation
Fluorination, Bromination and Iodination
Acetoacetylation and Acrylation 
Amidation and Amination 
Azidation, Carbonylation and Carboxylation 
Cyanomethylation and Cyclization 
Diketene and Ketene Reactions
Epichlorohydrin Chemistry and Epoxidation
Hydrazine Chemistry and Reactions
Hydroformylation and Hydrosilylation
Nitromethylation and Nitrosation 
Olefin Metathesis
Optically Active Cyanohydrin 
Para- and Ortho-Methylation
Peroxidation and Silylations
Sulfochlorination, Sulfonation and Sulfoxidation 
Thiocarbonylation and Tosylation 
Transamination and Transesterification


Rich experience and innovative research team:
61 project personnel, including 6 doctors, 16 masters and 49 bachlors
Advanced infrastructure and equipments:
7000 FT2 experimental plot, 35 laboratories
Equipped with many sets of analysis and testing equipment: 2 Bruker NMRs, Shimadzu LC/MS, and Shimadzu HPLCs etc.
Production capacity:
In our production base, there is QA, multi-functional laboratory, high-pressure workshop and manufacturing workshop. In multi-functional laboratory, there is 100ml to 50L glass reactor to provide products from gram degree to kilogram degree. In high-pressure workshop, there is 1L to 500L stainless steel high-pressure reactions till. In manufacturing workshop, there is reaction still in glass lining, stainless steel and lining FEFLON, ranging from 100L to 3000L, with total capacity of 52720L to meet requirements of different chemicals and reactions.
Our company has rich experience in following unit reaction: nitration, reduction, diazotization, hydrogenation, halogenations, Grignard, fluorination, cyaniding, hydrolysis, deamination, alkylate, acylation, oxidizing reaction
AG真人 Key chemical technique platform:

Aldo condensation Baeyer -Villiger oxidation
Birch reduction    Claisen condensation
Curtius       Dieckmann cyclization 
Diels-Alder             Doebner-Knoevenagel condensation
Freidel-Crafts acylation   Freidel-Crafts reaction
Fries rearrangement   Gabriel synthesis
Gomberg-Bachmann reaction  Grignard reaction 
Heck reactions      Hoesch, Japp-Klingemann Perking 
Hoffman degradation     Hofmann’s reaction
Mannich reaction        Michael addition
Mitsunubo reaction Reformatsky reaction
Ritter reaction     Rosenmund reduction
Sandmeyer reaction       Schiff base reduction
Schotten-Baumann reaction   Skraup synthesis
Strecker amino acid synthesis  Sugasawa reaction
Suzuki & Sonogashire coupling   Suzuki reaction
Suzuki/Heck coupling         Swern oxidation
Ullman reaction    Vilsmeier-Haack reactions
Wilgerodt reaction     Williamson synthesis
Wittig reaction