Pharmaceutical compound:
Pharmaceutical compounds include small molecule compounds with different structure and function. They are widely applied in structure of various drugs.
We provide diversified products from gram degree to tons degree:
Nitrogen, sulphur, oxygen replacing heterocyclic compound;
Aromatic hydrocarbon compound;
Special boracic acid and its ramification;
Protected amino acid and ramification
Laboratory standard products (API, metabolites and impurity)
We have 18,000 products with high value. We constantly develop and innovate our products. 35% of them can be provided from kilogram grade to tons grade. 35%- 40% are always prepared products.
Specialty chemicals:
We provide:
Coating additive, for example, ultraviolet light stabilizer, rheology modifier, dispersing agent and biocides;
Raw material of personal care;
High quality cross-linking agent
Other exclusive use additive:
PRSCs is a category of special products, including ordinary and perylene form. It is a kind of tool for research for inspection of some parameters, including, drug impurity profile, metabolism, pharmacodynamics, pharmacology. We have over 6,000 high-purity standard products:
API standards
Drug metabolism molecule
Medicine intermediate
Stable isotope labeled
Staple products: Staple products refer to product enlarged to at least 50kg for single batch. Most of them have been put into commercialized production or for preparation of commercialized production. Currently, we have over 700 staple products.