Suzuki, Heck and Sonogashire Couplings
Chiral Heterocyclic Transformations
Protections of Amino Acids and their Derivatives (Fmoc-, Boc-) 
Liquid Phase Peptide Synthesis
Freidel-Crafts Acylation and Alkylation 
Thiophosgenation and Phosgenation
Fluorination, Bromination and Iodination
Acetoacetylation and Acrylation 
Amidation and Amination 
Azidation, Carbonylation and Carboxylation 
Cyanomethylation and Cyclization 
Diketene and Ketene Reactions
Epichlorohydrin Chemistry and Epoxidation
Hydrazine Chemistry and Reactions
Hydroformylation and Hydrosilylation
Nitromethylation and Nitrosation 
Olefin Metathesis
Optically Active Cyanohydrin 
Para- and Ortho-Methylation
Peroxidation and Silylations
Sulfochlorination, Sulfonation and Sulfoxidation 
Thiocarbonylation and Tosylation 
Transamination and Transesterification