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Four Free Digital Marketing Tools

We know how it is. You’re an innovative marketer with a long list of to do’s and an even longer one on targets. But working with an SME, you don’t have the luxury of a massive marketing budget like your larger competitors.

While a few useful tools to lighten the workload would be a welcome addition to your hectic schedule, paying the hefty subscriptions is a no-go. So we’re letting you in on a secret – there are quite a few good ones out there for free.

This week we bring you four of the best.


If you want to gain insight on which type of content is working in a particular industry or field, and who are the top creators on a topic, this is a tool for you.

Buzz sumo Content Marketing Tool Screen Shot

While there are some sophisticated paid-for features, the basic ones are free. Use it to quickly discover the most shared content on any topic (or domain). In the Top Content Search box, key in any topic of interest and the search results will show you the most popular content related to it. You can see exactly how many times it has been shared across the most important social media platforms.

You can also filter the results dependent on what content format you’re interested in. Search for blog posts only, or choose from articles, infographics, guest posts, interviews or videos. Specify whether you want information posted in the last 24 hours or content up to one year old.

You can view the post in question, and share it on Twitter. You can also see who exactly has shared that post, how many Twitter followers they have, their level of online influence, and follow them from within the app. Again, you can filter this function dependent on what kind of sharer you’re interested in – bloggers, journalists, influencers, companies or regular Joe Bloggs!

If you’re trying to establish who the influencers are in your industry there’s a clever, quick function to do this too. By entering your competitor’s domain name into the search tool, you can gain valuable information on their most shared content and its performance, as well as who their sharers are.

Pretty nifty, hey?


You have a term, a keyword, or a topic that’s relevant to your brand. Ever wondered if there’s a way to see what’s out there on it across a variety of search engines? All at once? Meet Soolve. This little piece of coding genius allows you to enter a word and, just like magic, up pop the autocomplete results from multiple search engines.

It’s search engine intelligence supreme! Let’s be honest – it looks a little rough and ready, and hasn’t been prettified at all, but don’t let that put you off.


Soolve Search Engines Screenshot

Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, and Wikipedia – all the big players are there. Use the right arrow to change which search engine comes up in the results.

If you’re short on time (who isn’t?) and long on research requirements, get tapping into Soolve.


For video analytics, this one’s a must. Although still officially in Beta form (meaning it hasn’t yet been released on the open market and is still essentially in the testing phase), it does the job just fine.

Voot Video Analytics Screen Shot

You need to generate an invitation to join by sending your email, but it’s a quick and painless process. Voot is a rare animal, reputedly the only analytics tool that tracks performance of channels and individual videos on YouTube. It paints quite a comprehensive picture of how often a video is viewed, as well as its engagement statistics (liked and disliked).

It tracks any comments made and even looks at search rankings and analysis against keywords. It’s a simple procedure to enter the videos you want to track on any channel, as well as the keywords you want to monitor. So whether you want to check your own videos’s performance, or see how the competition is doing, Voot is the way to go.


Claiming to be the world’s largest statistics portal (yes, that’s a big claim), it’s certainly what you’d call comprehensive. So next time you need a golden statistic for your blog post or webinar, look this one up.

Statista Screenshot
Find facts to back up your content on Statista

There’s data on everything from the most-played PC games in 2014 to global prices for a Big Mac (that’s the burger, not the Apple variety). With 18,000 sources of information and a customised search query form, you should be able to find what you need. The paid features allow you to download all kinds of graphs and charts, but just the basic account will arm you with enough factual fodder to back up nearly any argument. Whether you’re in the boardroom or at a virtual event, this tool is your factual friend.

Try them

We hope your content marketing efforts have just got that little bit easier! If you haven’t done so yet, give these tools a try and use the comments to let us know how you get on.

Don’t forget to check back later for more free resources to lighten your marketing load.